R: What’s this?
M: It’s an apple.
R: Then, what’s that?
M: That’s a pear.

i geon
mwo ye yo

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이것 : this
: what
사과 : apple
그럼 : then
저것 : that
: pear

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  1. “deter(m)iner/adverb” What do you mean, by this exactly? Could you explain it to me, simply? “m” was “몇” in another lesson, but why is “그럼” also marked, as that?

    • admin

      “몇” is determiner, “그럼” is adverb. 🙂

  2. Why isn’t it ‘이것은’?

    • admin

      이건 = 이거 + 는, 이것은 = 이것 + 은 🙂

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