M: Where are you from, Mr. Roi?
R: I am from the United States.
R: Where are you from, Mr. Maru?
M: I am from Korea.

ro i
ssi neun
eo neu
na ra
sa ra mi e yo

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: Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.
어느 : which
나라 : country
사람 : person
: me (honorific)
미국 : United States
한국 : Korea

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  1. Is 씨는 more polite than just 씨? or is there another reason why 는 was added after it?

    • admin

      In many case, some particle could be omitted.
      “씨” = “씨(는)” = “씨는(subject particle)”

  2. The translations should be, “I’m an American” and “I’m a Korean”, shouldn’t be?

    • admin

      Your opinion is also yes. 🙂
      But, we translate as verbal case.

  3. mhaylim05@gmail.com

    what if im from Philippines?

    • admin

      “저는 필리핀 사람이에요.” 🙂

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