M: Good bye.
Y: Bye.
M: See you later.
Y: See you.

an nyeong hi
gye se yo

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안녕히 : well (honorific)
계시다 : to stay (honorific)
가다 : to go
다음 : next
: again
만나다 : to meet
보다 : to see

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  1. What is difference between 계세요 and 가세요? specifically in the ge/ga

    • admin

      계세요 : (v 계시)(e 어요) => 계시다(stay)
      가세요 : (v 가)(e 어요) => 가다(go)

  2. Thank you for replying.
    So if you’re the one staying and telling bye to the one leaving you say 계세요?

  3. Hideo

    When you’re leaving some place you say : 계세요
    And when someone is leaving the place you’re, you say : 가세요
    Is that right?

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