Y: Long time no see, Mr. Maru.
M: It’s been so long.
Y: How have you been?
M: I have been doing all right.

ma ru
o raen ma ni e yo

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: Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.
오랜만 : in a long time
: yes
그동안 : meanwhile
어떻게 : how
지내다 : to get along
: well

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  1. ks2787@gmail.com

    The Korean spelling of Chineseoyo is different in 1-1 and here. Can you elaborate on it?

  2. ks2787@gmail.com

    Sorry its Jinaesseoyo that I’m talking about.

    • admin

      “지냈어요” can be parsed as “(v 지내)(e 었)(e 어요)”. “었” is the past form.
      “지내세요” can be “(v 지내)(e 세요)”. “세요” is the polite form. 🙂

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